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Welly Up For A Lockdown

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New Year, New Boots.


With 2020 well and truly out the way, 2021 felt like there was finally light at the end of the tunnel, until we fell into lockdown 3.0, that is. But let’s look on the bright side; there are still plenty of things to keep both you and your family busy over these next few months to help stay positive, happy and healthy.


Good news is Boris has said we can still head out for our daily exercise around the local area in which you live. That’s great news! You’d think? But wait a minute; did anyone ever consider the everlasting inches of snow that coat the ground of the North? Or the hailing rain that never seems to end down South? I didn’t think so. But we have.


Head out to your nearest park and dance the day away in the rain. Whether you’re a professional prance or prefer to plunge head first in too the depths of a muddy puddle, your guaranteed a day of fun and laughter with the added support of our Cirrus wellies. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade, be prepared for whatever the sky throws at you.


Our new Cirrus wellies; the saviour of your lockdown looks when getting out the house for your daily walk. Available for Men Women and Kids, these wellies are made using our newest innovation and come in two different styles.


Firstly, we have our Chelsea boot, for those that plan on pottering around country roads with the dogs. This welly is ultra light and super practical for quickly slipping on when heading out in the cold rain. Pop them on when tendering to your garden or rushing to take out the bins.


Secondly, we have our tall boot, for those that plan to hike endlessly through all types of terrain. No puddle is too deep for these boots. If you’re the type to endure miles of muddy woodland, forests and fields in the brisk wind, these boots are for you.


“Tough as boots, light as clouds”, both styles come with amazing qualities. With compression proof insoles, they’ll spring right back into shape even after thousands of hours’ of wear time. They also have antibacterial freshness that lasts, which is oh so ever important in this current day, right? As well as being 60% lighter than traditional rain boots, they also have life time durability with scuffs and scratches easily removable with a damp cloth and punctures self repair so your boots remain waterproof, how eco friendly!


Try them out for yourself and head over to our Cirrus page now. Happy Walking!